b. 1986, HK.

I am a graphic designer with fourteen years of professional experience. My practice has spanned a range of contexts from industry to academia. However there have always been three important strands running through my work. These are a strong engagement with social issues, an obsession with clear communication, and a collaborative approach. I feel very lucky to have worked directly with social scientists, architects, illustrators, product designers, developers, care staff, the list goes on. For me graphic design has never been about creating surface decoration, but instead is an opportunity to help others engage with their audience, and to enable people to understand something about the world.

I started out in design for print and have a real appreciation for the importance of craft. As a result of managing workloads across multiple jobs at once (including teaching, research and freelance commissions) I have excellent time management skills and am a confident project manager. Working as a university lecturer has made me a better line manager, allowing me to develop my skills as a mentor — helping other designers grow their confidence, skills and conceptual thinking.

My time working as a design researcher at the Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design helped me develop additional skills in human centred design and user research. I became passionate about the importance of involving the people we are designing for, so the end results are better suited to their needs. More recently, my role as a design lead at Proteus Digital Health has given me the opportunity to apply these skills within the field of UX design. During this time I’ve also completed additional training, learning to work within agile teams and completing an intensive UX design course at General Assembly.


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